Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Euphemisms in Erotica

You know what really pulls me out of a story? Unrealistic descriptions of body parts. A woman in her 30's who can't say "vagina" or "pussy" is just so unrealistic. If you are going to have a modern woman engaging in sex then she'll be using REAL words. If she isn't there had better be some serious backstory as to why she is so very repressed as to be spewing 1950s cute-isms for her cunt.

We don't want "turgid purple helmets" for dicks do we? Then why "nether regions" for pussy? I like dialog in my sex scenes and finding words to use can get difficult. I mean, how many times can I type "cock"?  But in real life you don't find a new word every time you ask your partner to do something. You just use the word penis. Or dick. Or cock. Let's get real with the girl parts too. Vagina, pussy, cunt.

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