Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Vampire's Accountant 1.2

       Sometimes he just wanted to fucking kill someone.

Not that he would. He was a vampire not a barbarian. But damned if he wasn't surrounded by complete idiots some times. Javier Villa, the manager of his Chicago club, Club name, was on the phone trying to explain why the club's computerized accounts were offline for the third day in a row.

"Enough Javier!" Roman slammed his hand on his desk for emphasis. "Fix it. Now. If you can't make it happen I'll send someone who will." He slammed down the phone before Javier could protest and rubbed his temples in frustration. Why had he hired the fire demon anyway? They were infamous for being hot headed and not taking orders. Roman ran a tight ship on all his properties. That's how he'd gotten so successful and how he planned to keep it. Javier had been recommended by a mutual friend for his high-end connections and impeccable taste. None of that mattered, however, when he couldn't follow through or give a straight answer to a question.

Hi picked up the phone and punched the button for his secretary, Marggie. "Marggie, please get Roland on the line." Roland was Roman's IT guy and all around genius.

"Yes, one moment sir." There was a pause while Marggie dialed Roland. "Mr. Roman, I have Roland on line 1 and Ms. Allen is here to see you."

Roman groaned inside. Marcy Allen was his accountant and a sexy ball of distraction. He could hardly think when she was around. Probably because all the blood left his head and filled his cock near to bursting. She had been working for him for six months now and had kept it very professional so even though he wanted nothing more than to tear off her conservative suit and bury himself deep inside her, with his cock and his fangs, he kept it professional too.

"Very good Marg, send her in." He punched line one on his phone and addressed Roland. "Rol, we have a problem. Javier at the Chicago property has been --"

Roman froze as Marcy walked into his office. The sway of her hips was captivating as always and she carried in a wave of her alluring scent - cinnamon and sweetness. He instantly went hard. He could hear her heart beat and the rhythm of her breathing - both elevated as they always were around him. She undoubtably wanted him just as he wanted her. But what made him nearly expire from shock was how she was dressed. She looked like an old Hollywood sex symbol, Mae West incarnate. Roman had loved that age. Women today were so scrawny. Not Marcy, she was voluptuous, filled out with curves and bountiful breasts peeking from the top of her suit jacket. Her normal neck-high blouse was missing today and he was beckoned by several inches of creamy white skin dotted with a sprinkling freckles disappearing between her breasts. Her belt accentuated the curve of her hips in a much tighter and much shorter skirt than he'd ever seen her in. Her legs were incased in stockings as usual but just seeing his first glimpse of her thighs made his palms itch to run his hands up them and wrap them around his waist, her ass in his hands, as he plunged into her.

Roman registered that Roland was still talking and that he was starring. He mentally shook himself and willed his blood - at least some of it for fuck's sake - to leave his groin and send a little to operate his body. He managed to motion her in and with only self-preservation in mind (his or hers he wasn't sure) he turned his chair away from her. It didn't rid him of her delicious smell or the knowledge that she was right behind him looking like a pink confection begging to be eaten. He felt a growl rise in his throat as the blood that deigned to leave his crotch decided to make his fangs stretch.

"I'm sorry, did you say something sir?" Roland was enough cold water to at least make the fangs retract. He wasn't sure anything would make his rock hard erection retract.

"No. I just need you to bottom line it for me Roland. Can you access the data files or not?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you. I can't access his servers at all not even to get a log file. Something has happened physically at the server site this can't just be a malfunction."

Roman pinched the bridge of his nose to relieve his quickly approaching headache. This was the last thing he needed right now. Marcy suddenly appeared to his right at the file cabinet. Her back was to him. Her delectable, plump ass was just an arm's reach away. He grit his teeth and swiveled his chair out of temptation's path. "Well, what can we do from here?"

"I can access the past three months' log files and data dumps to see if anything was wrong leading up to the blackout but the thing is Roman, the Chicago server is behind a five foot thick steel door and no one has access to it but the two of us. This can't possibly be a hack job from the Chicago side because the system there consists of dummy terminals. Even the best black hat hacker couldn't access the server from one of those computers. And just in case it is designed to alert me when any unusual activity occurs. It is like --"

Marcy yelped behind him. It was a quiet and short sound and he wondered if --

Blood. Marcy's blood. The sweet tang hit his senses and his fangs instantly extended to a painful length. His vision narrowed and turned crimson as his body called out demanding he taste her.  

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