Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Vampire's Accountant 2.2


Roman took a cleansing breath to recover from the intoxication of Marcy's surrender. The breath backfired however, when a wave of Marcy's arousal slammed into him. It had been a century since he'd felt so overwhelmed by a woman's pleasure. Her passion didn't have the practiced quality of most of the human acolytes that came to him in search of pleasure in exchange for blood. He went through the motions of being the vampire as the women expected, endured their batting eyelashes and shallow screams of passion, drank what he needed to sustain himself and left without any real pleasure himself. Marcy was different. He had hardly tasted her blood enough to be called a snack and yet even now he could feel her blood rush through his veins like molten metal - hot and consuming - demanding he take more.

Her eyes were unfocused and half-lidded, her lips swollen from his kisses. The marks of his fangs on her lips were disappearing already with the healing properties of his saliva as she leaned heavily against the wall. He was sure if he released her she would crumple. He squeezed her arms tightly until she opened her eyes and gazed at him blinking several times he saw the moment her passion clouded eyes cleared.

She cleared her throat and stood away from the wall swaying only slightly as she patted her suit jacket and hair making sure everything was in place.

"Gentleman," he turned toward their audience, "I can't hear you if you all talk at once."

"Roman," Conrad, his head of security, continued, "there has been a security breech at Chicago club. They are on level one lock down and --"

Conrad's nostrils expanded causing his eyes to turn feral and his fangs to start to grow. He had caught a wiff of fresh blood.

"Ms. Allen got a small papercut. Try to remain civilized, Conrad." He saw Marcy glance down at her nearly healed wound and a look of shock registered on her face. She must not have expected the vampire's bite to also close her wound. She recovered quickly and platered on a too-bright smile.

"Yes, I..I wasn't paying attention." She laughed nervously. "I'll get out of your way now." She didn't look Roman in the face as she skirted around him to exit the room.

"Ms. Allen, I found our topic this morning most interesting." She paused at the doorway but did not turn. "We will definitely pick this up again later." He thought he saw her shiver as she scurried out the door.

The urge to tell everyone in the room to fuck off and chase her down to finish what they started was nearly overwhelming. His cock was still uncomfortably hard, pushing against his zipper painfully. He grit his teeth as he took the seat behind his desk and motioned for Conrad to continue.

"Chicago club went on level one lockdown. Their communications are down and the building is sealed - light-tight.

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