Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Vampire's Accountant 1.3

       Her confidence was failing her. She was removing some files from Roman's filing cabinet behind his desk. Roman was on the phone as he had been since she arrived 20 minutes ago.

His eyes had traveled from her shoes to her hair, lingering on her cleavage peeking out of the deep v of her suit jacket, and he seemed stunned momentarily. Then he'd motioned her in and indicated with a swish of his hand for her to go about her business as he swiveled his chair away from her and continued his telephone conversation. And that's how he'd remained. If she moved to the file cabinet he swiveled forward to his desk and when she moved back to the credenza at the front of the office he swiveled his back to her again.

[add crap about the conversation. foreshadow the problem.]

Damnit! How was she supposed to seduce him with a sway of her hips, a flip of her hair, and a strategically placed bend-over if he wasn't even looking her way? She needed to get his attention somehow. His scent in her nostrils was intoxicating - he smelled like leather and something spicy and magic that made her lick her lips with the need to get a taste. He was dressed as he usually was in black leather pants that she knew if he stood up would be hugging his perfect back side and making her mouth water. His back t-shirt stretched across his biceps and the rippled muscles of his chest and stomach. She had nearly memorized his hard lines in her mind. His black hair as always looked like he had just rolled out of bed and wanted to retreat there again soon. Right now she could see his hand resting on his leather-clad thigh clenching and stretching out as if to restrain himself from saying what he really thought to the speaker on the other end of the line. His hand was huge and tanned and she wanted so badly to feel that hand sliding over her body and between her legs. She stiffled a moan as she felt her sex clench in response to her thoughts. If she didn't find something to make him turn around soon she'd be on his lap begging him to fuck her like a desperate crack addict.

She was staring blindly into the open cabinet drawer when she saw that the metal on the corner of the drawer was mangled like it had been hit with a hammer. A small piece of the metal was jutting out into a sharp point. Well that was dangerous, someone could cut themselves and --

She stared at the sharp point as her mind raced. She couldn't do that it was so...obvious, desperate...dangerous. She glanced once more at his chair turned from her his fingers now thrumming on his knee in a hypnotic pattern.

Now or never, turning back to the drawer she took a deep breath and held it as she pushed the pad of her thumb into the sharp metal of the drawer. A quick prick of pain shot through her thumb as the metal breached her skin. Marcy closed her eyes, sent a quick prayer to the universe and quickly pulled her thumb across the length of the jagged metal.     

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